28 February 2007


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Victoria-Alesia Morado said...

Just wanted to say - that I love the new layout. Haven't been on for a while, but the site looks amazing. Love everything you do.

Thanks for all the good tips.
Keep up the good work!


Bukola said...

Hello there. I read your blog on bloglines and only your headers are showing not the whole story. Thought you would like to know

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your site and I feel really bad that I hadn't discover it sooner!! It's amazing how you find these wonderful alternatives to chic and expensive style. I now check your site regularly to draw inspiration for my daily outfits. Thank you so much for your effort in keeping your site useful to us readers!
-Melissa Vergara
Manila, Philippines

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Im from Panama City, Panama and i just LOVE this site. Im a girlfriend of a drummer of a very famous band here in my country and i always have a lot of parties, dinners, concerts, etc and is a mess when i have to choose my outfit, but one day searching for photos of Miley Cyrus (my inspiration to dress) I discovered your site and now I check your site every week to draw inspiration for my outfits. Congratulations for this amazing site. From Panama with love, Kimberly Pinilla

Anonymous said...

hello. it will be my first time to go to NY on jan. pls post more pics/fabulous finds that are wearable under NY's cold weather? pls pls pls thanks!!

HonduranBaker said...

I need you're help! I'm going to see the nutcracker this saturday and I have ne clue what to wear! I am going with girlfriends and we are walking around boston first. It will be freezing and slippery since it just snowed. please please help.


Anonymous said...

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Text to help
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you can find other ways to donate by going to www.tesh.com

missey said...

I think you do a really amazing job and providing inexpensive, fashionable alternatives. Keep up the beautiful work!

Misi said...


I stumbled on this great online boutique (elegantlydressed.com). They have very affordable prices, shipping for only $2. I think your readers will love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi: Next Saturday, I will have a university reunion with my former colleagues, and I don't know what to wear. The meeting will take place in the afternoon, on the new gym at the college. It is located in a sunny and warm place. I want to look cool and successful but not pretentious. Please help me!
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I absolutely love this site and I visit it every day to see what advice you have.

This time I have a question about an outifit for an engagement. I have a yellow dress, sleevless, Jacqueline kennedy's style. Any ideas about the shoes or stockings? I'm curious how you would see this outfit.

Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

Melissa said...

Hey , I just found your site because I'm in love with Jayma Mays style as the Glee guidance counselor so I googled her and found you're adorable site.
I have a current dilemma. I just bought this adorable dress
http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Feature_Assortment/NewArrivals/loungeandbeachcoverups/PRDOVR~24626/99101960459/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~180~P_saleprice%7C0~20+17~90~~~~~~~/24626.jsp (it's the grey one) I want to figure out cute, vintage looking and inexpensive accessories. I was thinking a yellow/orange cardigan, not sure what to do about shoes either.
If you could help me out i would be so grateful! I want to wear it for my engagement pictures!:)

Kimberly said...

I love your blog and I am going to blog about it tomorrow on my blog! I wish I had found you sooner!

Sakura said...

When do we hear back about the blogging positions?

Anonymous said...

Hi: My husband invited to the Formula 1 in Montreal in two weeks, and I don't a clue about what to wear. Could you please give me some ideas to wear cool and comfortable. Thanks a lot!

drsup4 said...
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drsup4 said...

Hello, I found your blog about a month age. <3 It! I've had some days that I've looked to you for motivation on what to wear. Thank You! Now I have a Big Day coming up next month. My Husband is in the Army & has been away at war in Iraq for a year. It will be a Hot Fort Bragg, NC day. (in an Air Force hanger) In the movies the waiting girl is wearing a White Dress. Yet with the sweat & dirt is that realistic? I'm a sz 0, 5.2 so maybe a wedge, & blond. Oh Yes & Very Excited!
Thank you from the Longing Wife!

drsup4 said...
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Anonymous said...

Fantastic site, so many great outfit choices! Just one question though: is there any way to create a favorites file so we can choose ones we love and save them to a list to access later instead of bookmarking each page separately? Thanks for all your work, you have a great site.

Anonymous said...


I am hoping that you can help me - I fell in love with, and bought a red halter maxi dress a few days ago. Sadly, I did not think about what type of sandal to wear with it, and now, I fear that my lovely red halter dress will never be worn, because I just do not know what style of sandal, OR what color of sandal I should wear with it.

(I think I should mention that this maxi dress falls a few inches ABOVE the ankles, it is NOT one of those floor sweeping maxi dresses -so the sandal I need will have to be stunning from all sides.)

I am really, really hoping that you can help me,

I read your blog every morning, I just love it! - I think you do a great style service for many women.

Hope you will choose my question to answer,

Have A Good Day!

cheryl said...

I need your HELP, in 2 week I am going to travel to visit my family, I have 1 year of not seeing them, the last time that they saw me was when I went to have second baby and since then I have lost much weight(I measure 1,53 cm and 105 weight lbs).
I desire to look beautiful but also be comfortable because I have a girl of 6 years and another one of almost 2 years.
I will spend 4 days Houston,Tx and 2 week Mobile,Al and 4 day Miami, Fl.
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

I love this site.

Not the biggest fan of Fashion Redemption though... Well at least not every other day. Maybe I need to warm up to it??

Otherwise, the site is perfect!

shantana said...

First off I must say that I am in love with your site...this site is my inspiration for my everyday wear to class. So anyways I'm turning 21 in august and my friends want to celebrate by taking me to a nice club in atlanta I'm totally stoked but I've never been to a club so I have no idea what to wear. Please help me..I'm a plus size girl but I have curves in all the right places however I do not like to show my arms. Please help me...I'm super desparate!!!

Jenny! said...

I love this blogsite of yours! Very inspirational! Look forward to following you!

Anna said...

Hello, I'm french and i love this blogsite. Every day, I'll see what's new. You're really talented.
It is unfortunate that we have not address in France...

Anonymous said...

Just came across your site. LOVE! Keep up the great work... I'm completely inspired.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on this site and it is fabulous!!!! I'm definitely fashion-challenged so I love that I can just click the links and buy an entire affordable outfit or just get inspiration! Thanks so much.

BIZYMIZY said...




live_life369 said...

I found your site not too long ago and I LOVE it! You prove that you don't have to dish out the dough or break the bank in order to look good.
Anyways prom is coming up next month and I still haven't found a dress! It's my junior year so I'm not planning on spending a lot of money. I want to wear a shorter dress this year(like at the knee or a little higher) but I don't want to spend over $40 since I don't have a lot of money right now. Any suggestions?
I'm pretty short(around 5'2") and I have bigger hips.
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I am seriously loving this website! I randomly came across it trying to find outfit ideas for a 10 year grad reunion. Completely inspired! Many thanks :)