01 March 2007

About Reader Requests

Please email all requests to admin@fashionunder100.net.
I do not have time to monitor blog comments for requests!

Fashion Under $100 will happily take requests, but requests aren't guaranteed. Sometimes, a celeb will wear something so fabulous and unique that it is just impossible to knock it off for under $100.

If you're submitting a Savvy Stylist request, help me help you! Tell me your height and weight, let me know of any colors you prefer or dislike, or any celebs whose style you admire. The more info you provide, the better I can help!

For celebrity requests, please be sure that a proper photo is provided. Photos must be full-length, of proper size, must contain the entire outfit, and must not have a watermark. See examples below:

Watermark - NO! - If a picture has a watermark, I don't have the right to use it

Doesn't show the whole outfit - NO! - I only showcase entire outfits so I can't use photos that aren't full-length.

Too Small - NO! - If I can't see the picture clearly, I can't recreate the look

Full-Sized, Full Outfit, No Watermark - YES! - Bring it on!