04 June 2009

The Savvy Stylist: Summer Wedding

Gina has a summer wedding to go to and has asked for some frugal assistance:

I hope you can help me! I have a nighttime wedding to go to in the dead of summer, so I need a dress that's cool and comfortable. I almost always wear black, and I'm sick of it, so I'd like to wear a color or print, but I'm doing a reading at the ceremony, so I don't want anything too clubby or flashy - but still young and modern.

Here you, go, Gina, a frugal look for $89.67.


Bukola K. said...

This is a great outfit choice. Funny, whenever i send in a question or request i never get a response. I guess I should give up on that, and at least enjoy what other people send in.

DaciaVu said...

I love EVERYTHING about this look!! The teal dress is so beautiful!