14 July 2011

The Savvy Stylist: Irish Pub Party

Reader Request

I have a semi-urgent request, since the event isn't till the end of the month I have time to come up with an outfit, but I've never been to a pub much less an Irish one, so I'm not sure what to wear. It's a going away party for a friend who I worked with on a project before. I live in Miami and the weather lately has been more rain than shine but you never know come the day so I would like to wear something that takes both into account. I don't like to show of my arms much. I'm pretty much open to anything, but I love the classics and love looking sharp, something with detail is always my thing. Thank you in advance!

Don't worry - pubs, Irish or otherwise, are very casual and you can wear whatever you want. So here is a low-key but stylish look that costs $99.80.

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